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Mean Well

by Queen Moo

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This is what it comes to You just can't please me Please tell all my friends You're gonna leave me And when I go I won't go quietly But when I stay I hope you'll cover me I hope you'll love me When I come home Really deliver It won't matter What I give her You gotta love her And I hate her But her face, her thoughts Just leave me alone wasting This is what it comes to You just don't need me If this is all I run to Just for you to feed me Please put 2 weeks in Before you choose to cut me off I long for you The only way that I will stay is to haunt you
It may not be fear To all the friends I've made in recent years I'm up to my neck, I'm vexed I'm stressed Im trying to disappear You hear me Wail on the fiddle till my hands grow weak I'm trying every different angle till it sounds upbeat Something unfamiliar Less morose Got my head on straight Nothin but time to waste No love of mine wakes up afraid Am I too involved? Is it all my fault? Is it just the game I play With every head I turn And heart I break? I think that it's time I made a change There's no reason, no one I can blame It'll hurt to hear I ventured without gain Oh good god damn don't you wanna Feel okay? It's makeshift But it works great
Goals 02:38
I'll never reach my goals I'll never have it all until I sweat through all my troubles in my own way Cuz part of me wants to heal I feel you climbing step by step on my toes I hear you whining tell me that I'm your beaux And when you're in trouble You blink and it doubles Wasting all your time just being bitter about Things you came to love so much so long ago you hear the song you let it go you slaughtered all my comfort zones I had it all had it all you came you went my time was spent I swore that I would be better than the Institute I put you in Thank god I broke the mold 1000 times I've rolled Over in my defense But for what I don't know Tickled a fancy Wrote to explode You don't know alone till you think that you're a ghost And I'm a terrible host with the most A toast apropos Don't tell me the walls are creeping in I've seen the rugged shape they're in Don't tell me you love me Maybe I've drawn in a enough The host with the most A toast I propose To the end of the world To the end of that girl I never wanted pull Ill never have it all But loving you, it starts to wear itself down
Gone 02:45
I fold, I'm not even making sense Why roll over in my defense When my goals can be reached without you? Oh yeah My spine, twists with the dissonance As my role in everything starts to shift but I'm fine, I promise I'm still about you Oh yeah Ariel which whatever way Anything not to watch it break “I'm afraid you've gotta You gotta hold that weight Even times you just don't wanna! Even when you’ve got nothing to hide…” In time, the sentiments ive repressed To love you no matter how hard it gets, Will break loose with a 'what are you getting up to?’” Ariel, I'm running ragged chasing baggage And I'm feeling down, Ill admit it But don't you make a sound I'm coming up Itll take months to prove that I want to Give you my all I hope they can hear me I want em to fear me If nothing at all And O’ the enmity The hostile push and shove Combined with the baggage, thats what makes us “Us” Oh god, I feel it coming on
Dumped all my clothes in the river down the road my lower half swims back my backside is washed up once more one of these days I'll expose my bare ass to the shore I will walk with my hands on the floor I'll say things I've never before if I had to choose Id continue to lose my head over you as my feet start to rise from the floor it's become clear that this ain't the life I've been fighting for tell me again what was it I said that knocked them all dead on the floor? I walk for days to appear in this familiar way I've seen it all from Hell back to Hartford from Florida to New England fall Oh how the portraits portray us as breeds I might make a mistake Now Ive walked for days to appear in this familiar way I tell them that my hands always shake because I can't pick out which friends to make she says you're a real go-getter bet you've never been to heaven and you've never felt better than you do right here right now
Come Through 03:04
If you call yourself my friend Before I even let you in I need a heads up In a visceral way that conveys that There was a time I could come thru When you had nowhere to run to What else could I do but just talk to you? Express my point of view No I don't mind if you come thru We all have a pattern to undo And I know it's all so defeating But try not to act so conceited I saw the whole thing for it was I'd wrecked the whole fucking shit Just when I get a word in Someone brings the hurt in Just For the sake of feeling down Make no mistake I've overstepped my bounds I guess I'll always have my doubts Begging for undivided attention When im enacting the points of contention Trying to be patient, trying to stay “on it” If nothing at all
Funeral 02:18
Depressive and lovely The funeral band plays out The crowd files in A broken violin drowns them out Was I speaking French? Did you hear what I said? Though I may get offended don't hold back on my account In the time i got close to somebody I get bested by my own joke If I'm not playing this rock and roll I hope they notice I've lost all control Time to line up the shot To configure a plot A scheme, a hope, a dream But Who am I to be pickin and a’choosin’ what kind of love I'm losin’ ? So tell me how the hell you do it, Every concept has a loose end When did yours begin to find its own pace? My Standard issue brand of run and hide My nightmares all personified And shifting into high gear oh no It's lookin like they wanna race They say That if you're going through with it You're gonna have to find a better avenue Cuz there's only so much I can do For you
Mean Well 02:17
I'd break all codes of conduct Take endless strokes of bad luck To show I mean well enough to please Somebody other than myself Aw fuckin hell yeah I blew it Need time for self improvement If I lose myself, then fuck the way Nobody cares about themselves When was the last time you felt For anyone else? How many lies will you tell To keep to yourself? This is the last time I dwell On feelings I've shelved You can't leave the light on and not lighten up on yourself
Fixture 03:30
I want a fixture to love I want a failure no one wants to speak of I wanna write new songs when we touch I wanna decay so no one gets a sense of us The kind of romance that feels sharp I prick my finger and watch my friendships fall apart And now the room begins to get smart I must confess I never got this far I've detached from hopes and dreams that Just for a minute might've meant something I'm not gonna do shit today Open my head, climb into the back Now would you call yourself my friend? You are the last one I let in We could take up residence Inside my private tenements Dogs and children a happy home getting lifted,feeling alone If you take the latter I do too A sunken vessel For hidden meanings And I'll paraphrase The only way that I know how to The only way show you off and flaunt you The only way that I could say i want you Let's get illegible Let's paint it vermilion Such a brilliant pigment One in a million Chased my demons all the way home I beseech you, let me alone Now would you call yourself my friend? You were the last one I let in The stiffer the drink The less I gotta sing from the heart
Ariel 03:05
Ariel What could I say? I've found that it's better this way What would you do if I gave up for you? Had no points to prove? No substance abuse issues? Venom that's served on a plate 2 lovers I just can't placate If I had to choose I'd take pieces of you, Call them points to prove, Find obvious ways to love you Caught in the middle of my two best friends Beg and belittle till I find the end I could do this forever and a day Get it together! Don't you want her bad? Inclement weather, not the worst we've had Years ive loved you in the back Of my head Ariel my stories told It's getting old Saying the same old shit Again and again Same old shit Again and again


released August 25, 2017


all rights reserved



Queen Moo Hartford, Connecticut

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