Queen Moo

by Queen Moo

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Max Miller
Max Miller thumbnail
Max Miller Best album I've heard in at least a year. Favorite track: Don't Think I Do.
Kat Donnelly
Kat Donnelly thumbnail
Kat Donnelly I've seen these dudes twice already and listen to their album all the time. They're really chill to talk to too, I highly recommend them Favorite track: Captain Glee.
Manuela Artia
Manuela Artia thumbnail
Manuela Artia Super jam worthy. Favorite track: Captain Glee.
Daniel Bogosian
Daniel Bogosian thumbnail
Daniel Bogosian Queen Moo mix unique songwriting (look at these structures!) with creative musics (listen to those chord progressions!), delivered with Jason & Kevin's distinct voices that sound sort of like The Strokes doing emo with a cigarette between their teeth. Some epic guitar solos, some amazing sing alongs, a great record. Queen Moo Forever. Favorite track: Three Humans.
Karina Santos
Karina Santos thumbnail
Karina Santos they have such a cool sound and I'm glad they are releasing music!!!
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released August 10, 2015

John Rule III - Guitar, Singing
Kevin O'Donnell - Bass, Singing
Scuff "Adam" Ackerman - Drums, Keys

Recording, mixing, saxophone and screaming by Cameron Boucher in Hartford.

Written by Rule/O'Donnell

Produced by QM and Cam.

Mastered by Matt Baltrucki


all rights reserved



Queen Moo Hartford, Connecticut

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Track Name: Hook Sox
Draw back my hook sox.
Find nice things to say about your
kind of thoughtful
things I’ve bought you.
Don’t count for anything.
Quit staring at me.

Stare at the clock.
Count in my head.
Throats feeling blocked.
Drowning in my bed.
Set all my sails.
Point myself to home.
And you hear me wail
from over phone

This ocean breeze is not soothing I’m rotting.
Your head’s nodding.
Hands on the clock
pointing fingers at me.

What do you know about friends?
Could you know what they’re for?
I’m the tall glass.
You’re the spoon in the drawer.

I’ll drink you in
through thick and thin.
My dear, do I bore your eyes?

A leave-the-light-on kind of love you.
Track Name: Have It
I see you climbing
step by step up the grove.
You’re a shoe that needs tying.
I’m bent as your beaux.
A change in the weather:
its supposed to snow.
Get it together.
Can you tell that she knows?

Phone home, you’re not alone.
Phone home when you're alone.
Go home when you’re not at home.
You are not where you think you are.

Now don’t get me started.
I’m likely to break
about things that my hearts in.
Things that you call mistakes.
A particular symptom
or just a disease,
I’m gonna scream.

In the back of my head
there is a bed where we can
lay all day in conversation
that will not leave these walls.

By the light cast by the moon
you stare out blankly at your room.
Its made of wood. You wish it could
just spell your thoughts out in the grooves.

So you hold on to the wall.
Lay your mattress down,
embrace the fall.
Cause you just can’t have it all.
We can never have it all.
Well you just can’t have it.
We can never have it all.
Track Name: Introduction
This is as easy as it gets.
For just someone to want to forget.
You may say that I hate you.
I would say I can’t blame you.

I am the unprotected sex.
I am the forgetting to get dressed.
She says the name as an afterthought.
A dozen kisses doesn’t mean a lot.

I am the gap between your thighs.
The dotting of your T’s the crossing of your I’s.
You say I’m wasted and I say hello.
Aren’t we the boys you wanted to know?
Track Name: Upper Butcher
These cheeks are chewed up.
There are cartoons tattooed on these eyes
it shouldn't be like this.
none of you should be surprised.
And I pretend to sleep
and your hand was warm I think.

It's not the boys that worry me.
But what's the harm in the thinking?
It's the coming down that hurts,
but I'll take what you give me

I pray to Elvis to help me sleep at night.
This is not energy that keeps us getting by.
I just want to light up.
I just want to dance in the snow.
It's the drugs that I take
that you know.

Is it blood that I taste?
The more that I say the more that it sounds fake
I can still see on all the winewe

It isn't quite how I remember it.
Breathe-play-under you'd say,
"you never wrote a story about me",
"well I like making it up"

Just one lumen to keep me up night.
It's the everything I lost trying to say it right.

I know I'm the fuck up.
But the fucks never line up
with a "this" or a "you" or a "me".
Track Name: Don't Think I Do
Drink to get drunk,
fight to seem sober.
Had my shot at punk.
Well I guess that’s over.

I’m so confused.
Man I think you’re using me
efficiently. I did not notice.

Well its not so bad.
Its not driving me mad.
I think you’re here for a reason,
when will you admit to that?

I don’t feel used any longer.
In fact I feel like part of your past.
Because what's gone is gone forever
and the rest of it you’ve got to make last.

Got a lot in my head
that I can’t make sense of.
I’m the newly wed
that you made the best of.

All these wine-stained sheets;
we’re so much fun when we drink.
My heads been cloudy for three long years.
I’ve been too fucked up to think.

Its been so hard to swallow.
Its been so hard to speak.
No need to weep or wallow.
No need to count on sheep.
Ask all important questions.
Make a promise to keep.
Honey honey you’ve got problems.
I know I can solve them for cheap.

You done spilled the beans.
You done sold me out on behalf of your empathy.
I’d come clean.

But I don’t wanna go down that road.

I don’t want to let this blow over
and watch you walk away.

Don’t think I do.
Track Name: Leech
Stop when you know how the end of the story goes.
Drop into those mindsets where you go and circle for days.
You get crazy high on loss of life.
Your strife is real I see.

Wash me with the hose. I’ve been dirty, now you know.
A bourbon leech, I dry up wells with my woes.
I’ve got kind of humble with strokes of bad luck.
I’m taking it rough that I’m grown and don’t care enough.

I sit tight and wonder what I missed.
You say it's nothing personal I’m wondering what is.
A brand of heartache only exchanged through friends.
There’s no making amends with someone who thinks too far ahead.

Stop writing prose, even con-men can grow.
He’s humble now but in a year’s time who knows?
You may never see him again.
You may never see me again.

I sit tight and wonder what I missed.
Track Name: Never If Ever
Whenever I hear your name.
Its not personal, I just think
everything you do just sounds the same.
If ever I’m fifteen.

Desperate for an explanation.
Desperate for a long vacation
far away from everything.
Far away from words that mean
“hello, I think there’s something that you ought to know”.
Potential father never bothered
to go the distance for his mistress.

Why should I complain?
I recall the first time that I came.
I may have left a bad impression compared to the rest.
You gave me heart attack.

And if I see you I don’t know what I would say.
I’ll take my fortune to my grave.
Romantic fiction. Another bone for the breaking heart.
That’s far enough for a first date.

Am I the washed up?
The dirty dish that you saved?

I’m running out of options now.
Track Name: Cactus Romantic
Cactus romantic all of the time
I don't want to get married, baby
come on and touch my spine.

I have a place that I like to go
to escape from the cold of the snow.

Say something I'm out.
I don't know you but I know what you're about.

Trashy nomadic in former life:
daddy(jon) used to tell me I should cast myself in better light.
I'm not an addict most of the time
but we're finally getting closer let me fix your mind.

I'm gonna sharpen all my teeth.
I'm gonna be the boy you want to meet.

You're gonna call me Boy With Fangs
I'm gonna finally learn to hang.

Cactus romantic all of the time
I don't want to get married, baby
come on and touch my spine.
Track Name: Captain Glee

I’ll take a look into the mirror.

See a striking resemblance to fear.
I’m not sure that I’m liking what I’m seeing here, my dear.

Overnight my thoughts start to erase themselves.
I started to do it myself
but this spine is unbroken
our ending’s unopened.
So ask how it’s going.

For the hundredth time I’m fine.

Call me Mr. Feel-Alright.

Captain Fucking Glee.

The boy you wanted to meet?
That’s me.
Track Name: Icehouse
I keep my crawl slow and my tail low.
All my paws out to say hello, baby.

All you need is a wingman.
I’m providing all of the wingspan.
The skies the limit on this rollercoasting boat on the sea.
Yeah I got it for free.

Stereo mono carrier of a higher volume
that I can choose to sleep in.
You know, I’m still myself when I’ve been drinking.
Speakers are blown.
Hasn’t this shown the side of me called ‘reckless’?
Its alright to stay sexless.
Exes will be excess.
The next you’ll be is breathless.

Connect me the dots.
Yeah, I know they’re not in order.
How can you take shots when this isn’t what I ordered?

I can’t say much on your policy.
Its the thought that counts,
and brain is saying,
“one, two, three, four, five, six,
pick up shit”.
Track Name: Three Humans
Why’s it trouble me
when you’re determining
if that kiss or twitch was just meant for me?

You’re a bar with feet.
Too tall too skinny.
When it comes to problems the best thing you do is leave.

One attempt to leave.
Two bruised pairs of knees.
But true love comes in threes
now I’m struggling to breathe.

Once old pair of shoes;
two bigger better things.
Now I’m growing up
but it ain’t cause of what my momma told to me

Honey I know it's not hard to be seen.
But I can’t eat can’t sleep if my conscious is clean.
Count my quarters out.
Empty pocket change.
Crawl under the sheets.
Forget everything.

I took my body and I told nobody.
So I could keep the soul for just one more day.
Light a smoke with shame.
Forget someone’s name.
It turns out he was nothing nobody.
Track Name: Amends
I’m on the outside looking in.
I’m in the back seat trying to collect myself.
I’m the loser bound to win.
We’re in the back seat trying to restrain ourselves.

I just can’t look at him.
He’s got the face of god
my he’s wonderful.
I know the future's looking dim.
“You want to talk for a minute?”
That’d be wonderful.

And I want to get back to you
In the way that an addict can’t get enough.
Like falling for the moon.

Sew up all the stitches in your jeans.
Think of all the bigger better means.
Just because you don’t know what I mean by finding peace.
Running out of tape staples and glue.
Go through hell and end up back to you.
I gotta say I don’t know what to do

Any of the things I say when I’m wasted
aren’t embellished truths I’m just acting faceless.
Looking like my crew could use an emotional facelift.
Looking like we spend a little too much time getting faced in basements.

So cold that we freeze.
How cold can I be?
Getting all dressed up for a glass of gin.
Getting all worked up to commit some sins.
Got a real eye for the morning light.
When the sun leaks in roll over
touch my spine.

Face the facts with me.
The love of my life is better free.
Oh me.

I sat tight for days and days on end.
There’s a difference between personal and making false amends.
I said what I meant.

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