Faint Sounds of Us Hanging Out

by Queen Moo

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released July 5, 2019

Written and performed by
Nicholas Charlton
Oscar Godoy
Kevin O'Donnell
John Rule III

Lyrics by Rule/O'Donnell

Trumpet by Scott Bevins

Produced by Kevin O'Donnell

Mastered by Zach Weeks

Art by Angela Godoy


all rights reserved



Queen Moo Hartford, Connecticut


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Track Name: Gooey Functions
Head over what she’s doing
or what is it all about?
Came over to a new sound
about Ben & his dog.
She felt it all come down at once
and head deep in her knees she cried out something.

Move on into a new boy.
A shoulder to drool upon.
“I play the 3 set at Small’s now
it's a new sound. I might
be the new Mehldau”
Or some holdover from being young.
Well you can take all of this shit jazz stuff and shove it.

But what’s to show when nothing is overcome?
You hide away.
Terrified to open up -
to show off gooey functions that nobody wants to see.

Don’t listen to your body
you’re never dying,
you’re only nineteen.
Over when it gets too personal.
A love so softened
you could never admit

To a holdover from being young
when you felt it all come down.
Track Name: Tell Me
Please tell me lies
Go off the cuff
Let’s improvise
If not our love what warrants your time?
You don’t have to front or fake
Follow suit for my sake

[There’s] only so much that you can overthink
When boredom struck did it hit you like a wave?
Did you think to even mention it to me?
I know you’re hung up on the conflicts
that led to this upset in my head,
but I’ve got no hint of an answer
and no time for your questions.
I’ve got heat that needs turning up
I’m talking Fahrenheit
It’s a hard pill to swallow
but you don’t want any part of this life.

Tried to be there in the physical sense
but felt immeasurable weight resting on me.
How can I shake this feeling?
Life could be so grand and love could be great
if it could cure anything.
How can you pretend this makes any sense?
Your two pennies can’t buy me a thing.
Track Name: Heartstrings
What do they carry in their chests now -
these ones who talk so much and complain
that no hobby fits them - ?

But there’s always something to say
about the problems that should get around.

Are there heart strings to sound?
Is there compassion to feign?
There can be some good in pushing away.

Sun Ra and soda pop
One beer and sit down.
Try to express but we don’t know how.

Your delusions unfounded
seem so spiteful of shame.
There can be some good in pushing away.

Must you always freak out
when the small seeds of doubt
start to bloom into failure?
What winds up comes unwound.
Don’t go raising the dead if you can’t keep your head.

And if you can’t keep it at least get picturesque
and inflate your head until it breaks the frame.
Everyone wants to get lumped in.
To share in some problems.
You’re not the same.

At least compliment my vocal performance
when I’m up here sharing sensitive shit.
I packed it all into this lively recording.
Set the stage
four padded walls and a riff.

No use in talking this one over
cause we’re not looking for no closure.
We’re all done with that shit.
Go turn on your own axis.
Lust for the sake of passion.
Break some hearts while you’re at it.
See you around.
Track Name: New Hell
Like a fleeting thought
or a nervous tic
shame just comes and goes.
Go chase some new high
‘till the cows come home.
The lark gets tossed and splits.

Your strangeness is enough.
Even when you don’t invite it.
If you can’t get up at least get excited.

Try to wander through the lonely night.

Or so for’d yourself
to some New Hell
you aren’t so afraid of
and finally fix your gaze.
In hospitals
beside garden walls
you looked away in shame
from stars.
Track Name: Black Moon Mirror
Wait around and I swear you'll see her
looking back from black moon mirror.
Hot enough for anything -
to toil in the fertile eve,
to make another sad disease.

Raise a glass to the man who named you.
Do you think he felt this too?
You come to me with balled up fists,
nervous tics, black velvet fifths
because you never gave your consent
to this life that you hate.
Its true.

No recourse for a life
that you've spent feeling down.
Your mind's not brown
it's a blue hue.

All the best did it in time.
Don’t forget: it’s nonsense refined.

Well if the cross on her head
leaves you reeling in a depression
what can you do
but try something new?

You blame it all on a distant family
but spew it out in half Galician ramblings.
What about this provenance?
Ask the lust that won't admit
to staring down your innocence
from a dark reflection.

When the green and golden June
gives way to a winter mood
what lumen will you have to see?
Which change in tide will bring you peace?

If the voice in your head wants to know exactly what's happened
well that's not you.
Your futures in bloom.
Track Name: Flinch
All conflict and no resolution
No positive thoughts or conclusions
No betterment, no satisfaction
I don’t flinch, you don’t get a reaction
So spend all day spinning your wheels around
Like a Corvette screeching and peeling out
I’ve got a whole new vibe that I’m feeling out
and an endless supply of my seeds of doubt.
Endless horsepower trapped in the roundabout.

Same old story,
not much has changed.
Even a fake embrace is progress
but look at the shape we’re in.
It’s all contests nobody ever wins.
Without context you don’t know the half of it.
No one likes to be told what their problem is.
Think of all of the times you broke down and said,
“Let me feel anything else!”

You don’t get to turn around and throw shade on me
for the years I had no good intentions
then come looking for some conversation.
You're a little late.

Wish I were anyone else
Without all these problems
Wish I could trade up
Track Name: Faint Sounds
“Where have you been my darling?
I put our order in.
You better pick up the check for this one
That's just the mood I'm in.”
Who’d have thought this would be my end?
Who’d have thought this would be my end
I suppose I owe you a thanks
for how long you let me live.
There were times I wasn't ready for you
but now I think I am.
Oh right, that’s your thing
you just let it progress.

“Funny you’d mention our eternal friendship
I've been anticipating our meeting.
Honey I know, I look grim, but
we’ll have a ball!
All sin, no repentance
You can take up some quarters with me!
And don't fret
Cuz God knows”

He hit me with the rulebook
He hit me with the questionnaire
He said “you look like a fool
but you're sure to fit in down there.
You could write our theme song!
You could call it Some New Hell!”

Now this it demands I take a long hard look at my attempts and my plans. Faint sounds we have made and shared amongst friends: was anything really happening?

So I scrawled on the wall “no hooks no cliches”, I put on a red suit, I sauntered out to the stage to sing a song or two about what I'm going through.

It was a song of death
It was an ode to the blues
It was a feeling I had
It don't concern you

I hear applause in my ears
from every sinner in fear.
We get along now just fine.
They all remember Earth and
How It All Is.
How it can swallow you whole
and then expect you to just dig that bliss.
And then they hit you with a construct
like constant state of disrepair.
They say that “you can have a roof, four kids, a table, or a chair”
No matter what you do, man, you're gonna have to live with yourself.
Track Name: Here in My Own Way
“Here in my own way.”
What does that say?
Can you think as much as they say you will someday?

I’ve been working hard all day.
I haven’t got a word to sing.
I never think too much about who I’ll will away.

Hog destiny with a cross drawn on her head.
I can hear her vomit off the porch beneath my bed.
Some soft forlorn and fun-loving simpleton says
“Let’s get mobile.
We’ll go to Hartford.
Just drink this off
until we make it to summer.”

Cheers to mindless thought
There goes my good shot.

Don’t take it bad.
Well about me?
What about you?
You knew Destiny has no compassion
for little men or teacher’s pets.
Go on, see how far this gets you.
Far beyond your parents lives
you’ll rise on up a poet and a scholar.
Look down and say
“fuck these friends I’ll stay right
here in my own way”.
Track Name: Periphery
Always in the background smoking and surveying the scene.
We all show up as loners -
melancholic rock ‘n rollers.
The sort to resort to extremes.
I had everything but what I picture has to leave the frame.
That’s just what it’s come to I’m afraid.

Never had a plan or the willingness to really succeed.
But years of acting lonely
is looking like its bound to pick up some speed.
And so it would seem
my habits and dreams have really fucked with my periphery.
Now I’ve become too blind to see.
All the while they were taking honest looks at me
Like a child with an adolescent history.

If I ever solve this mystery
If my axis starts to turn on me
Every accidental in this key
Finally finds a way to bury me
I’ll need someone who won't fuck with me
Someone who will understand
Track Name: Fall for Anything
Raised my glass to feeling lucid again
Haven't poured one out since I don't know when
There were times where I'd fall for almost anything
Looking back on those days makes me wince

I was down I was out
truly to a fault
took my suspicions
and my constant unrest
and I built this Hell
Now I’m rooted and reeling
with permanence ascribed to something fleeting
taciturnity and awful feelings
And oh man!
we’re renovating the old cliche
so pour me another
and I’ll sing you a song

Let’s come apart at the seams thinking about it
revel in what we do best
some kind of room’s gonna need
that kind of elephant
but don’t come apart at the seams in an instant

“Keep the bad times few and far between
When you're erratic you're bound to freak out
When the hurt comes in
When you're out of bounds
Even when all the good ones leave
wait for a change in the tide
there will be one guaranteed”

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